Friday, February 22, 2008

Dear Reader

Er. That's not serious. That's just in case anyone ever gets to see this.

The pub industry is in turmoil. Pubs are closing fast all over the country. The PubCos say this isn't happening but they are lying to keep share prices up and to try to deny the fact. Their income is from pubs and pubs are falling like flies. They've squeezed every last drop out of the industry and the smoking ban has pushed the ones who were on the brink over the edge.

There are two national newspapers/magazines which are considered the voice of the pub industry; The Morning Advertiser and The Publican. Both have reader forums which are a source of fairly good quality information to anyone interested in the pub trade.

It is quite clear from what has been going on on both these public forums (MA has removed various posts and they don't even get onto P) that the PubCos are exerting strong pressure on the publishing houses for them not to allow contentious material to be posted on their sites. The PubCos are suppressing a dialogue and opposition to their practices, stifling the dissemination of information, making it difficult to build a case against them and their highly dodgy practices.

This can only be regarded as a good sign. It suggests the PubCos think they have a weak spot and it suggests they think there is a case against them.

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