Monday, February 18, 2008

Jon. These people are, quite clearly people who are not happy with their relationship with their PubCo, who’ve thought about it a lot and figured out it's not a good thing for businesses generally to behave the way PubCo's evidently behave.

There. That's not complicated is it?

And in my experience of blogging (I do a lot in my local community and have a photographic blog I work on almost every day of my life) people who post anonymously do so wither because they feel they cannot express themselves clearly as themselves, or because they have genuine (perhaps sometimes misplaced) concerns that if 'they' (them, the people 'out there') knew the true identity of the poster it might compromise their livelihood/security.

I have learned to overcome those fears when it comes to openly discussing my relationship and experience and circumstances through dint of experience and exposure to blogging elsewhere. And, on balance, I believe there is more to gain than lose by having some of my experience on public record than kept in private where no one, say for example, even my customers (some of whom follow my local blogging) who think my beer prices are expensive, ever gets to know what is really going on.

I see Oz Wunsche's post has been withdrawn for review by the MODERATOR.

I'm going off to get a cup of coffee (real, Colombian, with semi skimmed) and then post the long one I've been working on for a while in the background...

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