Monday, February 18, 2008

I took this off the Morning Advertiser site at 9.30 on Monday 18 February. Posted by a new contributor: oz wunsche 1 Post(s)

RE: Pring: Pubcos must join debate

When will the pub co realise that their long term stability relies upon having creative entrepreneurs as tenants and allow them to be rewarded in parity with the rest of the economy?

The forced creation of a bland, soulless brand through the restrictive trading conditions of the pub co system will threaten their very existence, and are ruining a once relevant and flourishing industry.

The policy makers at the clearly visible cartel of punch/enterprise/pub-enterprises etc are operating in a monopolistic, short term and completely unimaginative fashion.

Beware all prospective tenants. DO NOT WASTE YOUR LIFE ON THESE GREEDY BASTARDS. The CEO of punch taverns got a 12m pound bonus whilst all publicans struggle to stay in business.


Monopolies commission ACT NOW before the English pub is lost for good.


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