Thursday, February 08, 2024

Use it or Lose it trope

Another holding post for a subject that needs to be put to rest. 

The Use It or Lose It trope

While I get the 'use it or lose it' trope, partly because it's used so often, it's not a true reflection of what's needed for #SavingBritainsPubs

This is because by the time people have to start saying use it lose it the pub's already too far gone to survive as a functional trading business.

Pubs fail, as all businesses do, when people stop using them... The question is WHY do people stop using pubs? Pubcos - backed the cabal of private equity Big Business they're a part of, including the British Beer and Pub Association - say the British public have changed our habits and don't go to pubs the way we used to - we don't use pubs as often as before - so therefore demand for pubs has fallen - and continues to decline as 'the market proves' and the only response to this reality is that 'we have to face the difficult reality' that many pubs have to close forever, and must be sold for alternative use, 

This is disingenuous diversion from the fact that people - WE - stop going to pubs when they're run down and become unfit for purpose of being public houses because they haven't been invested in for DECADES. So it's correct: We don't go to pubs the way we used to but it's NOT because we don't WANT to go to pubs - it's because we stop using pubs when they aren't good enough.

Use it or lose it puts the blame for business failure on the customer.

The fact is it's the responsibility of the people running the business, that's publicans on the front line and in the case of tens of thousands of pubs, the freeholders who control the rent and supply prices. It's THEIR job to make pubs work professionally and properly and they DON'T.

And the reason for that is the #GreatBritishPubcoScam 

Getting everyone in Britain and across the world who admire and LOVE good, well run pubs, is essential to overturning the conventional ownereship and operational model for The Pub as Britain's unique secular social construct.

And this issue is a central part of the podcast #AllForTheLoveOfpubs @ForTheLoveOfPubs @AllForTheLoveOfPubs we're working on it now (February 2024) 

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