Wednesday, February 28, 2024

The Future is HERE, and NOW is the time to design it for ourselves

It's not complicated really. Humanity needs to wake up and demand the utopia all humans REALLY WANT but are always pushed away from by the ludicrous hubris of 'our leaders', who almost exclusively are severely emotionally damaged, immature, intellectually compromised, misogynist men imbued with a toddler's lust for grabbing all the sweeties for themselves.

They are few. We are many. The many can quickly make the few irrelevant if only we act directly, non violently, strategically, within the law, in ways that enable people to come together to collaborate... Joyously, with a vision of a different future, from the grass roots, where no one is left behind. 

The Future of Pubs could provide a route to the future of all of us.

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