Sunday, December 03, 2023

ALL FOR THE LOVE OF PUBS #AllForTheLoveOfPubs Podcast

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I'm J Mark Dodds, ex publican at The Sun and Doves in Camberwell SE5 and owner of this blog 'They Got Me Over A Barrel' which I began in 2004 when it had become clear to me that my 'Tied Lease agreement' with Scottish & Newcastle Pub Enterprises was in fact a contract to indentured servitude I'd likely never get out of without losing my shirt. In 2006 I co founded the Fair Pint Campaign to demand UKGovplc end the Beer Tie; this led to the Pubs Code coming into dodgy effect in 2016. I'm a passionate pub sector disruptor committed to making this place much fairer, and talking about everything GOOD about pubs that rarely gets mentioned in the public domain.

In early 2024 I'm starting #AllForTheLoveOfPubs a long overdue podcast and YouTube channel to open up and shine light into the darkness of the British pub sector. I'm inviting people from all over the pub and beer landscape to come and talk about their experiences and reminsicenses. No holds barred. Together we'll quickly get to the bottom of the Pubs Crisis and what's behind the collapse of our unique cultural institution and most valuable secular social construct: The British Pub. Why is it when everyone LOVES a GREAT pub that we find ourselves living through a permanent, rolling, perennial 'perfect storm for pubs' as the British Beer and Pub Association seems to like handwringing about.

The podcast's mission is to reposition the undervalued Public House in the consciousness of people everywhere to its rightful place at the heart of British community and good fellowship across the entire social world: Re-booting, re-connecting, re-establishing The Pub, the world's original social network, as the contemporary bricks and mortar face to face place to meet and place to be.
Curating the national conversation on everything, underwritten by authority of a professional publican, at the bar and in the lounge: It could be called the pubcast of podcasts but will stick with THE Podcast from The Pub.

The recordings will happen a truly good, new Local: The Earl of Derby, recently revived by Parched Pubs, London, to be a proper pub that's fit for 21st century purpose. 

Like how vital Good Pubs are to Good Communities, and valuing them for what they really are: Britain's essential, unique, irreplaceable, secular social construct.
I'll be inviting people from all over the pub and beer landscape from John O'Groats to Lands' End to talk about everything public house, Good Fellowship and what the future holds for pubs in crisis - what WE can do to change this, together: Positive, upbeat, honest, factual, open, transparent and hard hitting, emotional, inclusive, diverse, friendly and evidence based...

Getting to the bottom of the Pubs Crisis and how the #GreatBritishPubcoScam is a microcosm of much bigger problems in society, and how we can go about quickly piecing together the solution for #SavingBritainsPubs
All For the Love of Pubs will be THE place we come to talk about pubs and what can be done to change everything. Conversations will be tough as well as FUN

  CHEERS. See you all in the new year 

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