Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Just Imagine - if every public house belonged to The People as part of the commons

Just imagine:


Just imagine: If a whole lot of different groups and organisations with society changing agendas got together to underpin a peoples pub company, buy pubs all over the UK and retrofit them to run #FossilFuelFree; instigate low impact #SustainableSupplyChain of local and regional produce.

Then engage communities at every pub in DIY SOS kind of refurbishment, professionally project managed. Then we could use each pub as showcase for a people powered Green New Deal and curate the national conversation, from a bricks and mortar base where the ownership of the property is distributed across the entire country: workers, customers, suppliers and investors as a multi stakeholder cooperative social enterprise.

Then we've got a national movement for #SavingBritainsPubs and bringing The Pub into the commons, improved for 21st century purpose and Enlightenment, and preserved in perpetuity for future generations.

And IF WE DO manage to avert climate crisis from ending organised human existence we can look back in a thousand years and say humanity saved itself after all.  And it all began in conversations, down the pub, and every pub was a focal point of the resistance.
Each pub would function as a self managing hyper locally focused social enterprise putting people and pubs together to create regenerative, secure, stable environments that generate profit with purpose to serve its community as a vital social resource where potentially everyone, no matter how time pressed, financially stressed, or wealthy could be involved in a non violent direct action mass movement; as customers, investors - individual and institutional - suppliers, workers or volunteers all together being part of the change we want to see in the world...

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