Monday, May 24, 2021

"Covid: Six pubs vanish from UK communities each week after pandemic hit"

The Pub Is Dead

"Covid: Six pubs vanish from UK communities each week after pandemic hit" 

great photo of mirth bursting out after reading out that headline: "ONLY SIX?"

That ITV News headline in the attached piece momentarily feels like there could be a hard-hitting article critical of culprits coming up. YAY! But no. It peters off into vague contradictory observational tones without making an objective statement anywhere that's about the permanent damage this is having in society at large. It is pathetic that the plight of the pub is basically being brushed under a stiff upper lipped British bullshit carpet. OUR PUBS ARE GOING FOREVER AND NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

Call me old fashioned for mouthing off: So much tedious clap trap is published about the pub sector. It seems no one with an official voice for the pub sector is able to admit the scale of the disaster that's taking place in pubs all over the country. And the people working HARD to expose all this are basically largely ignored by the MSM. And CAMRA, dear OLD CAMRA. Still thinks it's campaigning for pubs, not part of the problem, while easing the way for pubcos to continue ripping the heart out of Britain before our very eyes by being silent about their behaviour. Shimmying up to the BBPA isn't a good look CAMRA. The campaigning groups who are, actually campaigning to protect pubs and publicans from the ravages of the #GreatBritishPubcoScam though making progress in setting the real pub agenda, their stories should be dominating the national press where they are still not getting reported widely. Outgunned by the pubco mafia.

It is mind blowing. If you really look round the pub sector in every direction you can see pub armageddon going on. Hedge funds are moving in to buy up the detritus left by the hedge funds whose profiteering perennially drives thousands of publicans into financial crisis before the pandemic leaving pub businesses in no shape to cope with any financial shock let alone lockdown. Currently countless numbers of publicans won't be opening their business again. No one yet knows, really, how many of these pubs will not be trading until late summer or even late autumn. Pubs that are opening - many seeing encouraging levels of trade - are struggling to find staff. Publicans have bailed out in droves and there's still not enough staff to go round the rest of the pubs. People have discovered there's a life out there that isn't indentured labour or rubbish money for insane hours with no thanks from anyone. They are looking to find a New Normal that doesn't involve pain and suffering at the hands of a sociopathic pubco.

No one is going to say this stuff anywhere. What I've just posted above is speculation if course. Anecdotal. I don't really know this disaster is happening. I don't have access to the data like the people who get their voices in the press do. And interpret data to suit their message.

If I contrast what I keep hearing and seeing about pubs all around me against what the MSM press is saying and if I believe the press. I'd have to think I'm mad. I'm not and I think we all know it. We don't want to admit it's happening. The End of The Pub is nigh. On CAMRA's 50th anniversary. How auspicious.

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