Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Problem with Pubs

When it comes to #Pubs people keep saying ridiculous flat earth things like: 'use it or lose it' which basically is blaming the customer for their Local pub closing down. Forever. 

Bit of a problem with that argument isn't there? Eratosthenes would have figured it out with a bit of thinking about observable evidence:

When your tied Pubco owned pub has had no investment in maintenence or upkeep for decades, sells a range of boring lagers and badly kept ale, and has become so run down the carpets and upholstery have holes and reek of stale beer, the floor's sticky and the toilets stink. You stop using your pub because no one wants to socialise in a run down boozer that's not fit for purpose.

When your pub's been closed when the publican's gone bust and reopened and closed again - numerous times every time the pubco's profiteering rent and supply prices push another publican's business over the edge - you stop using your pub because it's a horrible place to go to. 

When a Pubco closes your pub without warning and sells it to a developer to convert to alternative use.

You can't use it. Can you?

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