Friday, October 18, 2019

Brigid Simmonds. Outgoing CEO British Beer and Pub Association: 'I’m not a person who believes we can keep every pub open'

'I’m not a person who believes we can keep every pub open'

NO SHIT SHERLOCK: Brigid Simmonds has been CEO of the British Beer and Pub Association BBPA since 2009 in that time at least 1,000 pubs closed, forever, every year, for 10 years. 10K, 10,000, TEN THOUSAND #Pubs gone, forever in the 10 years she's fronted the #GreatBritishPubcoScam.

Simmonds attempts to pull a pint while claiming she left the BBPA with 10K fewer pubs than when she started in 2009
The Morning Advertiser 'exit interview' is here; "She departs as recent figures reveal the UK on-trade poured 8.5bn pints in 2018 – on average 269 per second – and with the sense that she’s leaving the organisation in better condition than the one she inherited." ... "However, after spending 10 years, one month and five days in the BBPA’s top job, Simmonds – a self-proclaimed optimist – recalls plenty of reason to raise a (perennially half-full) glass." Heh... She's a comedian.

Brigid Simmonds, CEO of the British Beer and Pub Association
BBPA, has "credentials" Simmonds started the job at BBPA in 2009 since when the BBPAs members have run down and flogged off over 10,000 pubs and no one barely batted an eyelid. Some credentials really, when you come to think of it: Brigid Simmonds, a person truly clueless about pubs; a person who will never, ever feel comfortable in a pub; a person bereft of understanding of pubs; a person to whom pubs are a foreign thing, a social construct they do not relate to or understand, such a person is ideally suited to Fronting the organisation responsible for the industrial scale rendering of pubs into alternative use, to pay interest on debt.

Any other kind of person, anyone with an inkling of the dynamic social value that pubs bring to communities, any one else could not possible do a job that requires absolute criminal negligence to carry out.

No doubt the incoming BBPA CEO, Emma McClarkin, is as anodyne, distant and insouciant about pubs as Simmonds. A professional career of being able to repeat what you're told what to say being prerequisite for the job.

Excerpt from BBPA website. No mention of its members asset stripping pubs and selling them for alternative use. Just tax.

Meanwhile, having presided over the death of significant parts of British cultural heritage what better place for Simmonds to go to than betting and gambling? Where pretending that the harm gambling and betting does to society is but a small part of our vibrant leisure industry and healthy economy...

"RGA chair and bet365 co-CEO John Coates hailed Simmonds’ “outstanding track record” in her career to date.

"Darling added that her credentials with the Beer & Pub Association “speak for themselves”.

“She will bring great insight to the new association as it focuses on building public trust in gambling."



  1. Two points:

    Firstly - the 2009/19 numbers of pubs referenced in the PMA article are 55,900 and 47,600 - a fall of 8,300. You have overstated the fall by 1,700 or about 20%.

    Secondly - are *you* a person who believes that every pub can be kept open? Simplistically if we had the same number now as 2009, each would be taking about 15% less money equating to at least 15% less profit. It's even worse if we go back to the year 2000 when the figure becomes 22% less take/profit. Would they all be viable at those figures?

    1. You should consider it a privilege I allow you to post your nonsense here, don't delete your posts. You're anonymous, you're full of weird dissonance about pubs. You are wasting your time