Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Climate Crisis is Disaster Capitalism. It's the Boomer generation Wot Done It - by doing nothing, except more shopping

Well. Splitting hairs; Fact is it IS the Boomer generation Wot Did It.

I'm 61, I am of that generation. In 2003 I tried to make the world's first Carbon Zero pub - this was entirely feasible with all the low carbon impact technology available then. It's relatively easy to do that now. It still hasn't been done and now Climate Crisis is bearing down on humanity.

Making the proposal come to pass was dependent on getting a grant from the Carbon Trust - the government funded body set up to seed fund, promote and disseminate measures to ensure the UK.Gov.Plc would meet its Kyoto protocol targets of reducing carbon emissions ... the organisation had £10 million grant rounds twice a year to promote low carbon technologies' uptake in the population which would encourage mass behaviour change. Carbon Trust was actively supposedly seeking applications from projects that would influence regular people in the street to change their habits, recycle, reuse, reduce waste, invest in solar water heating and PV panels and so on.

The pub refit would have used a combination of these technologies and built in facilities to make it fossil fuel free - possibly a net generator of energy during the summer - and enable the business to move close to zero waste producing, down to composting all of its consumable waste working with the local authority to do this.

Two professional environmental building design consultants, who worked pro bono because they believed the proposal was such a no brainer, and I spent best part of a year working on the grant application doing all the background research needed to underpin it - and getting over £100K worth of match funding from all kinds of organisations including Lambeth borough council - and the data in the application was all verified and solid evidence based that the outcome would be the world's first carbon zero pub. The press were interested even before the application went in... the Carbon Trust gave feedback all along that it was interested precisely that kind of application.

In the event the application was rejected because it 'was not innovative'. Boomers were in charge of the Carbon Trust then, the government was full of Boomers then, the whole attitude of knocking back such a radical, clearly transformative proposal which, had it come to fruition would have attracted worldwide attention.

Today, is 17 years later. Nothing close to a carbon zero pub has happened, anywhere and now the climate crisis upon us proper.  If that application had been accepted there could readily be a thousand fossil fuel free pubs around the country by now... and millions of people would have already done a lot more to reduce their impact.

Was Boomers who did that

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