Friday, March 18, 2016

The Establishment

Friends who know about my work campaigning against the #Pubcos, the Elephant in the room of British pub failures, the unacknowledged invisible white collar cultural crimewave that's closing pubs and destroying community all over the UK... Bear with me... Our government held a Select Committee inquiry into the relationship between Pubco's and their Tenants in 2004. The outcome was unequivocal, Pubco's were abusing tenants and MUST change their behaviour or be legislated against.

It's now twelve years later and at least TEN THOUSAND pubs have closed, forever since then.

There's been four more Select Committees, and loads more evidence and every time the Pubco's have been proved to have done NOTHING to change their behaviour except to lie more, obfuscate more, tell government WE lessees, publicans and members of the public - the consumers - and the government are the ones to blame for the pubco's failure to change their habits and keep on abusing tenants by overcharging them on rent and beer supply...

The pubco's tell government WE are to blame because WE keep on going to pubs less and less and it's OUR fault pubs are closing because we go to Starbucks or stay at home and play games on telly.

Nothing about their continual bullying, scamming cheating and double charging their tenants everywhere from Land's End to John O'Groats. No. They are disingenuous thieving lying scum.

After LOSING a historic vote in parliament on 18 November 2014 where democracy prevailed and the majority of MPs in the House of Commons voted to bring legislation in to regulate the Pubco's... government conceded defeat, accepted the three line whip they placed on all their MPs to vote against the law coming into effect, and announced an 18 month period of consultation to give the Pubco's an opportunity to pack their bags before the law makes them gradually stop shafting tenants, closing pubs and killing British culture, traditions, heritage and sense of place.

The law is due to change in June. The law is to be ruled over by a Pubs Code Adjudicator whose job is to make sure that the Pubco's behave and that disputes between Pubco's and their Tenants are conducted fairly and equitably...

Last week Anna Soubry the Minister for Big Brewers and even bigger Pubco's announced the appointment of the newly created post of Pubs Code Adjudicator would be taken up by a man who has been for twenty five years, ever since the Beer Orders that created the Pubco's in the first place, an employee of Britain's biggest 'Leisure Sector Surveyors and Licensed Property Agents',  Fleurets, a chartered surveyor and most recently Director of the company who's worked for all the biggest Pubco's as a matter of course in his career.

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