Friday, February 05, 2016

Countdown for British Pubs

Countdown for British Pubs

Helen Fospero explains the #GreatBritishPubcoScam very simply in two minutes for #Countdown
Good job Helen @LadyFosp

The Royal Oak, Findsbury 

My cousin met his wife-to-be in the Royal Oak. That is what happens in pubs - amazing things. Unless WE stop this deliberate rot in our society soon there will be no pubs to meet people in. Pubs, the original social networks are under threat not because of TV, demographic change, cheap supermarket booze or anything else we're told are the problems... they are closing because pubco's WANT them to close - so they can cash in on alternative value to pay interest on debts they will never be able to pay down the capital on.

The ONLY reason this pub is under threat is because it was sold quietly by a pubco that has never invested in it and, NO DOUBT, taken enormous profits out of the businesses of several tied tenants they've serially ripped off and then flogged it to a developer they told could make easy money out of it by knocking it down and building homes. This is happening everywhere, it is a private equity assault on Britain's heritage, traditions, culture and our very sense of place. Pubco's are damaging society.

Helen Fospero explains very nicely how it happens in this short clip above from Countdown yesterday (4 February 2016)

The pubs Helen mentions there without name are the Chequer Inn, Ash and the Red Lion, Wingham.

There is no doubt the Royal Oak will thrive as a pub in the right hands, well stocked, well run and selling ales and providing amenities and facilities that are relevant to the local population.

If you care about people, pubs and places, then sign Joe O'Donnell's petition and get behind his campaign!


  1. The lady obviously feels very strongly about this, but I think that her passion has led to some exaggeration.

    I would disagree with her premise that pub closures are nothing to do with demographics and / or what Greg Mulholland calls "pocket money pricing" in supermarkets.

    Every pub closure has its own story - there is no one size fits all. eg Pubs which have never been owned by a pubco sometimes close; it would be difficult to see how such closures could be blamed on those very companies!

    And of course she has fallen hook, line and sinker for the myth that tied pricing is "2 or3 x" free of tie pricing. I'd love to see an example of 3x. Even providing one example of 2x has proved difficult enough in the past.

  2. Get off your cracked record. Your obfuscation is broken

  3. I'd love to see an example of 3x pricing. (That's abut £50 per 11g for the free trader.) I take it that you agree with the lady that closures are nothing to do with demographics nor what Greg Mulholland calls "pocket money pricing" in supermarkets - even pubs which have never been owned by a pubco?