Wednesday, June 03, 2015

On and Off Bicycles

There are very few circumstances when 'the motorist is right'. By default cyclists should be given right of way in all potential impact situations and this should be conceded gracefully and patiently by all motorists in acknowledgement of the very different circumstances that separate cyclists and motorists.

Cyclists are people highly exposed to the road environment, extremely vulnerable to external impact and, when it comes to basics, very fragile objects.

Motorists are people disassociated from their external environment cocooned by heavy, powerfully propelled metal boxes.

Many motorists disregard and dismiss cyclists, are blind toward cyclists and treat cyclists they come across as irritatingly slow objects blocking or impeding the motorist's imperial way.

Humans are all prone to gormless moments, all capable of fault, all of making blunderingly stupid absences of attention and all capable of these while on the road in charge of a vehicle whether self propelled or motorised.

What ever the situation, whoever makes the mistake whether cyclist or motorist, a mistake on the road puts any cyclist involved in any incident in a position of extreme vulnerability against the motorist's possibly being momentarily inconvenienced.

Cyclists need to be treated with greater care and caution than do motorists, at all times.

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