Monday, March 23, 2015

UK Government Performs Miracle: Saves Great British Community Pub Sector with Press Release

For your general interest

Cheers all round for Community Pubs Day

Ministers announce measures designed to bolster the Great British Pub and protect it for future generations.

This government (ie taxpayer) sponsored press release is pure propaganda; populist pro pub protection propaganda the government is pouring out to encourage people to vote for them... the reality is that outside a few smug policy wonks and politicians no one is saying 'Cheers' or celebrating 'community pubs day' because in reality nothing material at all has actually happened.

1) A community raising an ACV on a pub does NOT save pubs on its own 2) Nor does the added protection of an article 4 planning direction being put on the ACV application

3) Bottom line is that most pubs communities try to save become alternative use before they have a chance to get ACV done

4) Even when ACV is granted community is almost always outsmarted and financially outgunned by developers and owners of pubs who want to cash in on their asset value for alternative use - they are professionals, that is their job.

5) The beer duty cuts have done nothing for the consumer other than not INCREASE the price of a pint of beer directly - every 1p per pint reduction in the last three budgets has been accompanied by a per pint increase of between 5p and 15p by major brewers and pubco's. Beer at the pump has gone UP every time the Chancer, sorry the Chancellor, has crowed that the price of beer for the common man has come down.

6) While making lots of people feel good all the duty cuts do in practice is give a huge cash windfall to the big brewers who see their profits rise without lifting a finger.

7) More money for the big brewer boys with limousines to throw at keeping the status quo the way it is and making sure the craft beer revolution never gets into the majority of British pubs.

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