Thursday, February 12, 2015

Legal Decent and Honest

Enterprise agrees to end lease of anti-pubco campaigner Val Spencer

As 'reported' By Rob Willock, 11-Feb-2015 in the mouthpiece of the pubco's.

If you know what has been happening behind the scenes in government. If you follow what Enterprise have been doing to prepare for restructuring - all on public record - and can with half an eye read between the lines of the published history of LifelongLandlady leading up to this 'article'; This says everything anyone needs to know about the toxic British Tied Pub Lease business model.

When you KNOW what has been happening there's nothing that Enterprise says here that doesn't catch in the craw.

This is why the pub sector needs radical reform.

Posted by J Mark Dodds
13 February 2015 | 00h33

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