Friday, December 19, 2014

World War One was a Box.., Full of Chocolates

The Sainsbury's Xmas Advert: Russell Brand The Trews

I can't stop referencing Russell Brand because he's bang on. He's saying the right things, he's filtering the bullshit, he's getting to the core of what we have to be doing... for society, for people and for the planet. He's on the money. I will not take any criticism against this fine man any more. I am sure now that I LOVE him and so should you.

If you cannot find it within yourself not to LOVE him because he just irritates the hell out of you and you will never believe he's anything more than a self serving egotistical rich hippy misogynist then just be patient and do ME a favour - close your eyes, calm yourself, press PLAY and LISTEN to what he is saying.

Then take an hour out, whenever you can - in bits if need be, and listen to other of his TREWS or TV interviews anywhere in the world in the last year or so. Drop your pre judgments and listen to what he is saying. It is a serious message, it is simple, clear, brave, comprehensive and needs to be said.

OH! I forgot to mention; News just in about New Era:

If you've not heard about New Era scandal then here is an up to date report in the Guardian

I signed the petition by the way:  And here is something from Russell Brand about it... There is NO WAY this extraordinarily positive outcome would have happened without this man's selfless involvement. He did it directly for the people on the estate who have no voice - NOT just for Russell Brand. So STOP slagging him off FFS!

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