Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Biggest Shake-up for centuries" after 'beer tie' is scrapped ... Yay! We did it!

I've been too busy pushing along in the wave of helping reform happen in the pub sector to be able to post much recently. But in short we made history. Look forward to seeing the reactions to this, apart from the share prices of the major pubco's plummeting as they have been.

It's been long hours. It's been everyone pulling together in an extraordinary effort to get right accepted instead of might. It's been emotional.

For the time being, because the headline is the best I've seen, I'll let the Mail say it in their own words ...

This is a great victory for right over might but is at LEAST 20 years overdue and CEO's of some of these companies whose actions have ruined the lives of thousands of licensees and damaged almost as many communities should be in jail with the profits they stole from the nation sequestered back into the pub sector to help heal the irreparable damage they have done.

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