Thursday, September 25, 2014

[MALICIOUS CONTENT DETECTED] Launching "Integrated Thinking" | 6th October

I can’t really remembering what I was arguing about pubs, but how are you getting on?


Hi Jim
I tried to get you interested in the People's Pub Partnership and you said you like the idea but didn't think there's any future in pubs. You told me about that pub near your local Tube station that's a Tesco Local, I think it was, and I said I could tell you its history, why customers abandoned it, how it was run into the ground by a pubco (almost certainly Punch or Enterprise), and why many of these pubs, if they were bought through a crowd fund and treated the right way, retrofitted with low environmental kit, reopened as pubs again, serving great ales and local and regional, short and ethically sourced supply chain produce served by enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff employed under a John Lewis style constitution, and run properly as proper pubs again. They would be busy, vibrant and very profitable pubs that are totally relevant to 21st century consumers and they would ROCK!

But you didn't believe me. You said you like the idea but think it's fundamentally flawed because pubs are a thing of the past.

That's what it was about!

I'm still right though - even Matthew Taylor thinks I'm wrong!

Pubs are THE Future!

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