Thursday, August 14, 2014

Campaigners call on Wokingham planners to save Maiden Over

13 August 2014 article in getreading 

If the Maiden Over were properly looked after and stocked with great local and regional beers and produce, and well managed as a genuine community resource that meets the expectations of local customers and has relevance to a contemporary audience, it would absolutely THRIVE - as a pub.

However that is unlikely to be the case because, although the article doesn't mention it, there is almost certainly a tied lease pubco behind this situation and, as people are beginning to understand, pubco's are not in the business of keeping and running pubs, they are in the business of running pubs into the ground then selling them off as fast as possible - all to pay interest on £ billions of debt they raised to buy the pubs in the first place that are SO BIG they haven't a hope of ever repaying them. Flogging off pubs is just a way of keeping the whole company from going down the pan. It's a scam that is impacting on communities all over the UK.

Pubco's are now renting out pubs directly to supermarket chains like Tesco (Punch Taverns have done this with several pubs and Enterprise Inns are rumoured to have done the same in the South West) to avoid community action against change of use when they come to sell the buildings they have deliberately run into the ground as successive tenants have been fleeced by their 'low cost entry' into setting up 'their own business' in the pubco's tied lease pubs.

This is happening all over the country and is having a terrible impact everywhere as Britain's traditions, cultural heritage and very sense of place are eroded by the short term private equity cash grab that is the Great British Pubco Scam.

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