Thursday, July 31, 2014

The World IS Mad

The world IS mad and these things are all the on the curve of a turning point.

The strife and brutality is shocking and alarming in its intensity and stupidity and sheer pointlessness. History suggests that humans need such vile events to shock themselves into better behaviour. The amount of understanding we have of human behaviour and global communications and social media makes it just possible for the first time in history that there may be enough informed people coming together at the same time having decided enough is enough, that they take up personal responsibility and act. Through petition sites and direct involvement in campaigns for common decency and fairness to prevail in society.

In other significant areas that don't hit the international media with such gusto as wars, terrorism and general bad behaviour, our activities in the realm of peaceful advancement are remarkable and exciting... The speed of our scientific and technological advancement is breathtaking and there is widespread international collaboration on all manner of schemes of global import being carried out successfully all the time. There's much evidence that a collective intellectual growth may yet outwit the forces of human greed stupidity and short term unsustainable excess that swirl all around the planet. We are learning how to plan and manage great, rapid change towards creating a properly sustainable future that can comfortably support 10 billion people living in improved conditions while promoting wider ecological diversity and making the planet a better place to live for humanity in toto than it has ever been.

The tension lies around whether the majority of world citizens respond to these events rationally and maturely and develop grass roots peaceful movements that are united by a common purpose of demanding a better more equal life for all people everywhere or whether we stand by the appalling inhumane events taking place now and allow the ignorance, belligerence and base stupidity of a relatively tiny minority of power hungry humans to prevail over the health, wellbeing and comfort of the great majority.

What I'm saying is: There IS hope but it's dependent on many of us making the effort to speak out for what is right for the majority and to hold a vision of a civilised world in mind and resolutely understand that this is achievable when we work together and use our collective power to demand a fair and sustainable world.

Hope this is intelligible. Optimistic it is. But we CAN do it. We just need to mobilise the common good.

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