Sunday, July 13, 2014

Crap Beer - it's the future

Pete Brown wrote this. 

I wrote this:

Pete you know this. Those pubs you went into were tied Pete. That's why they were shit pubs selling a short range of beers.

You know about the Great British Pubco Scam. Have you written about it recently? Did you get wind of the legislation announced in the Queen's Speech? Do your readers?

It's what Fair Deal For Your Local is all about. Fair Deal are switched on, if a bit polite about the massive white collar cultural crime which is pubco's asset stripping pubs all over the UK and blaming it on everyone but themselves, for every reason under the sun from smoking ban to red tape, changing consumer habits to being 'over pubbed' to beer duty, vat, business rates, the price of aluminium, wet weather, crap football teams, the price of Sky to there being too many shit publicans (people the pubco's vet hard before they rent a pub to them) - basically blaming everyone and anything while missing out the key FACTOR in the equation which is the pubco's charge too much rent and double open market prices for supplies, making their pubs unviable for the people they rent them to but very profitable for the pubco's. This is it.

The Great British Pubco Scam is what underlies the dreadful  fears everyone in Britain has about going to new towns and unfamiliar territory without research or a local heads up for where the good pubs are. Without research you can expect to get bad pubs.

Pubcos' rent out pubs to tenants, saying they're looking for 'partners' to take over a 'great business opportunity' and, through misrepresentation of the pub's circumstances and potential performance, they con people into paying stupid rents, saying there's loads of support that comes with it 'buying power and experience of decades of running the biggest and best pub estate in Britain' (they all say the same things) then rip the publicans off, selling them beer at double freemarket wholesale prices, until the publicans go bankrupt. As this is happening the publicans discover it's IMPOSSIBLE to make a living out of the business they put EVERYTHING into and they go into denial and then they get scared. There's nothing they can do. Their pubs get run down, the publicans get depressed, trapped in a downward spiral of not enough profit to invest in the business, and unable to make improvements to the pub which leads to even less profits and turns to losses they cannot stop, no matter how hard they work or how many hours a week they work without holidays all year, every year. They  become exhausted, they can see no future, they give up hope, their pubs become more and more run down, the beer choice reduces and worse as they only order the cheapest from the pubco, the pubs become graveyards, their customers abandon them for better appointed, better looked after pubs that sell better beers at better prices and offer better value, the publicans go bankrupt, the publicans hand the keys back to the pubco or get evicted. The pubco rents the pub to another publican and the process begins again. Churn. Pub industry churn.

The pub becomes so run down no one is stupid enough to risk renting it again and the pubco sells it to Tesco. Tralaa #GreatBritishPubcoScam



  1. As one pub is unnamed and the Blue Bell was sold by Marstons it's difficult to see how your assertion that all were tied can be justified.
    And even if all crap pubs are tied, it doesn't mean that all tied pubs are crap.

    1. You are right. But that makes no difference. On top of the myriad factors impacting on any pub's success or failure a tied pub is more likely to fail than a free house because its overheads are far higher, its supply chain is foreclosed and it will, inevitably no matter how busy it is, make less profit than a free of tie identical competitor and so have less to reinvest in the business, pay staff will or to live on. The beer tie kills pubs.

  2. Just pointing out that your original assertion was demonstrably untrue.

    There are successful tied and unsuccessful FOT - it's not all about the tie, as you seem to concede above.

  3. Okay you win.

    There does that make your anonymous pointless sniping and making hair splitting niggles that change absolutely nothing have more gravity than hot air?


    Now then I'm telling you this: if you continue to post anonymously I'm not going to respond. If you want to argue the toss I'm happy to run you ragged intellectually, morally and factually but only if you stop hiding behind your silly Young Ones style of presentation and say who you are and let your motivations for supporting abuse of the beer tie to asset strip British heritage, traditions and sense of place.

  4. I don't understand the descent into name calling.

    I've made two simple points:

    1. that your assertion that the pubs mentioned by PB were tied is not evidence based, and in one case is demonstrably untrue.

    2. that there are some successful tied pubs and some unsuccessful FOT ones (JDW have apparently closed 5 in the last 10 weeks - PMA today).

    I don't see that either of those demonstrates "...motivations for supporting abuse of the beer tie to asset strip British heritage, traditions and sense of place." or a "..silly Young Ones style of presentation.." (whatever that means.)

    But if you'd rather not debate that's fine by me.

    1. It's a challenge to name call someone who hides and does their sniping from behind anonymous posts but, whaterver, pleased that 'you' really feel it's fine and understood that I won't 'debate' pointlessly with a bitter anonymous pontificating little shorty mr nobody who's (grocer's apostrophe) got to be right no matter how deeply wrong he is.

    2. Leaving aside the insults, neither of of my two points is deeply wrong.