Thursday, January 09, 2014

Can Goth Pubs Help Scotland Sober Up?

Good article in Caledonian Mercury about the background to some long standing community pubs set up on principles that should be exemplary for the way the pub sector must evolve

Great article. Pubs are important part of social fabric that's been worn away by irresponsible management of a pub sector determined to take all profit out of pubs and put it into paying interest on the gargantuan debts pubco's raised to buy 'OUR' pubs in the first place, then into the pockets of shareholders and bondholders who don't need the money anyway. It's wrong!

The People's Pub Partnership, the crowd funded, ethical pub company, is launching soon. Its founding constitution is based on tenets exemplified by the Gothenburg Principles. The launch of the crowd fund will give all people the chance to invest in the future of Britain's pubs and to engage in their development by having a say in what kind of products they should serve, what kind things they should be doing socially, what level of amenity and community engagement they should be getting up to... PPP will put pubs at the heart of their communities.

Get involved now and begin shaping the future of pubs in Britain! Tell us what you want to see in pubs and why. The website and social media sites will soon be integrated into one space. In the meantime please do engage as below,

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