Saturday, November 02, 2013

It Will Take a Stoner Savant to Lead the Craft Beer Revolution

The Gospel according to Tony Magee.

Posted by JMarkDodds
Great to see such exciting injection of character, personality, originality and Right Stuff into the Big Beer arena.

There's a seriously burgeoning demand for a Tony Magee / Lagunitas in the UK - for sure some people will argue that such influencers already exist - but here the market is stitched up and contrives to keep Big Beer IN and Small Brewers in niche sections of supermarket aisles and out of bars and pubs up and down the country.

Here The People want these beers in our bars but getting a good selection and enough volume of good Craft into the hands of punters remains largely like 'Top Shelf Publications' - out of reach of most of the population. This is because in the UK the majority of pubs are owned by Tied pub companies - pubco's - who abuse the ubiquitous British Tied Beer contract to restrict the number of brands their leasehold publicans are allowed to stock. In the process of restricting the supply chain to Giga Brewers' bland beer the pubco's (many of whom have no brewing interests) add a handling charge or 'commission' on wholesale supply prices which doubles the price to the publican and makes thousands of pubs not economically viable while the pubco's make hundreds of £millions out of the efforts of their thousands of hapless tied tenants.

Put simply this means the majority of British pubs cannot stock Craft beer without breaking the terms of contract with the pubco's who are asset stripping the nation of Our pubs while keeping innovation and evolution in the pub sector at bay.

Until this situation is broken by legislation or Revolution, no Tony Magee will ever be able to storm the bastion of Big Beer in Britain.

If this perversion of the Free Market is of interest to people in the U.S. more can be found out at the Fair Deal For Your Local campaign website here: Fair Deal Deal For Your Local

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