Saturday, October 12, 2013

Alexandra Pub in Penge sold and listed as Asset of Community Value

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News ShopperAlexandra Pub in Penge sold and listed as Asset of Community Value (From News Shopper)

You people who shout 'it was a dive' 'you should have used it' 'no wonder it failed' - as if it deserved to go and no one ought to complain: Please give the pub a break!

The Alexandra was a dive for the same reason that thousands of pubs are - it was owned by Enterprise Inns who, like all tied pubco's (because they act as a cartel) have been systemically asset stripping the national pub estate through a simple mechanism of renting 'their pubs' to publicans at above open market rents and supplying them with wholesale products at up to double open market prices through the Beer Tie - a totally archaic, anachronistic, legally binding and contract that is comprehensively mis-sold as being supportive of pubs, tenants and the supply of beer to the consumer by pubco's and is unique to little Britain.

The inevitable consequence of a shocking abuse of contract is the people running the pub businesses - the publicans - profits have been eroded so much they cannot invest in their premises and still have to charge high prices over the counter and, naturally, customers have abandoned pubs as they get more and more run down, dilapidated and unfit for purpose in a spiral of decline that inevitably leads to business failure and the pubco selling off 'underperforming assets' to developers for change of use... a cash return they then pour into the bottomless pits of debt they raised to buy 'their' pubs with in the first place.

It's the Great British Pubco Scam and, if it hasn't happened to a pub near you already - wherever you are in the UK - it's coming to one very soon.

The pubco's own the majority of Britain's pubs, the majority of which are evidently, like the Alexandra, knackered and have been run into the ground. You think what's been happening to pubs all over the UK is bad? Impacting on communities everywhere, removing social hubs from almost every neighbourhood from Land's End to John O'Groats - Well we haven't seen anything yet.

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