Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pub and Bar Network(s)

Anyone know anything about this Pub Network?

Or, if you don't know about the Pub Network perhaps you know about The Pub Network?

Failing that, getting sophisticated now, if you didn't know about those Pub Networks you will have taken advantage of the thrills and spills available across at the Pub and Bar Network?

But, if like me, you spend so much time trying to figure out what happened to all the pubs, you didn't have time to get to know about those Pub Networks, you will of course have logged on to the real Pub Network, the one and only, truly original Panther Pink from head to toe Pub Network

Stop laughing. It's NOT funny.

Finally, for the minute, on an even much more serious note, do any of you know about this intended survey of publicans announced in February? To try to nail down why the British pub sector is declining?

'Pub owners and pub marketing managers are invited to contribute to the report project and are asked to contact Pub Rooms in the first instance.'

SURVEY?  Are they serious?

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