Sunday, July 21, 2013

Andrew Neil - these are your climate errors on BBC Sunday Politics

There's a tremendously difficult to get through rebuttal of what seems to be Andrew Neil being a twat... over on the Guardian website.

All this debate about detail.  People are odd.  Surely we don't (really we don't) need science to tell us that our activities on earth affect climate adversely;  general observations of what people have been doing on a global scale, combined with the most tenuous understanding of the notion of cause and effect, is enough to spark the intuition that our meddling on the surface of the planet will have a direct and dynamic impact on what is happening to weather everywhere.  Science is very handy in that it can corroborate what a ten year old can work out just by looking around, putting two and two together and getting the right answer.

For more than four and half billion years all climate change was self evidently due exclusively to geophysical fluctuations - plate tectonics, volcanic activity - or to massive objects from the the solar system or beyond smacking into the planet.

For the last two hundred and fifty years or so humans have been blowing off ever more billions of tonnes of all manner of poisonous material, irritants and insulating gases into the air.

It simply is not plausible that human activities worldwide do not impact the climate.  Humans are a geophysical force.  When you punch someone in the face there is a reaction.  And we're doing it to the planet.

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