Sunday, June 09, 2013

Ted Tuppen, CEO Enterprise Inns, Pulls His Trousers Down in Front of the House of Commons

Hear Ye Hear Ye!

Spread the news about Tuppen lying to MP's

Here are three convenient links to documents relating to Enterprise Inns and Ted Tuppen which make it easy to distribute them far and wide. The full text appears below.

1) Letter from Tuppen to every MP in the House of Commons, in which he says that tenants earn £34K "before allowing for the benefit of free living accommodation and related costs"

2) Press release from ETI relating to Tuppen's Letter

3) News of the HMRC VAT and Court decisions made 06.09.2012 PROVING that Eti TIED tenants' accommodation costs them 10% of their whole pub rent.

Those of you who are Enterprise Tenants will notice that domestic accommodation is invoiced separately from the rent on the pub. YOU personally, every one of you, can prove that Ted Tuppen has been lying to every MP in the House of Commons.

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