Saturday, June 01, 2013

Cosmo Croydon

Two people at Cosmo Croydon, reputed to be Britain's largest restaurant when it opened in 2011, told me 'photographs not allowed' "oh really? Why not?" 'Ask someone else, a manager over there maybe, all I have to do is tell you photos not allowed'... etc

I have the vague impression 'they' don't want 'you' to take photographs because 'they' think there's something percious and special about what they are doing and maybe someone would be wanting to copy 'them'. But my reason for taking photographs is to post them on the internet to show how dreadfully mediocre all of it really is... that everything is bring it out in wheelbarrows, pour it into WuroBins Maries, pile it high, sell it for 15 quid a head plus drinks, no evidence whatsoever of any of the "all freshly prepared by expert chefs" "gastronomic" "tantalising" "Live Cooking Stations" with over 300 dishes of deep fried foods from all over... south east London's biggest retail park. Gross con all of it. At least it's a lower cost entry AND exit than signing a tied lease. No wonder, according to their website, over 35,000 people eat at Cosmo restaurants every single week... (it says 30,000 on the menu). Awful Example of everything that's wrong with contemporary society.

An EXPENSIVE, sub mediocre, Hole.

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