Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We need a Fair Deal For Local Pubs! #FairDeal4YourLocal

Government is consulting for the first time across all sectors - including the person in the street - on what shape upcoming legislation in the British Pub Sector should take...

It's, literally, a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a free and fair market for publicans and pubs that are an essential part of the lifeblood of communities all over the UK.

None of this is complicated - pubs are closing all over the UK because the 'spirit' of the beer tie has been roundly abused by pubco's and unscrupulous family brewers so much that it has become nothing less than a legally binding mechanism for the extraction of the maximum possible amount of cash out of their pub Lessees' businesses. This is done by applying shamefully high rents and wholesale supply prices that are double what's available on the open market - and fining tenants punitively if they buy out of tie, or evicting them if they stand up for their basic human rights while trying to keep their business afloat during the worst economic conditions in pub history.

The clear signs of the failure of the 'Tied Pub Business Model' is that all over Britain pubco owned pubs are being run by temporary lessees working for 'holding companies' on peppercorn rents or are being flogged off for alternative use as private housing, Tesco Locals, McDonalds or betting shops.

As their pubs rot into the ground because Lessees have no money to reinvest in their businesses, the pubco's continue to show hundreds of millions in profit after they've paid ever spiralling debts.

The Great British Pubco Scam is what it is, nothing more nor less. Pubco's have been asset stripping our heritage and cultural tradition.

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