Saturday, April 27, 2013

Last orders for community pubs

This article from the Liverpool Echo PUBS are at the heart of many communities. They become landmarks, known and loved by people in the local area.
It is with sadness that we report today the imminent closure of The Caledonia on Catharine Street.
The pub, which can trace its history back to the 1830s, hosts regular live events and was shortlisted for live venue of the year in last year's Liverpool Music Awards.

My comment:

Would be interesting to know more about the Caledonia, whether the pub is tied to a pub company and leased to the publicans who run it or whether it's owned freehold.

There is a national consultation about regulation of the tied pub sector taking place right now.

There is also a lot of information about how pubs can be supported and what might be done to save them from permanent closure available from various sources.

The Co-Operative Society.

Plunkett Foundation

The Localism Act provides some ways for protecting pubs

Planning Act, Clause 4, which Local Authorities can implement, also offers protection

CAMRA Campaign for Real Ale are supporting community pubs

And pubs can be identified and listed as Assets of Community Value - if their loss will impact severely on a local community.

Do an internet search for any of these above and you will find useful results.

Also see what people from the community local to a pub that was owned by Enterprise Inns and sold to a developer are doing with the Ivy House pub in Nunhead, London: see their website at world wide web [dot] ivyhousenunhead [dot] com

Read more: Liverpool Echo

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