Friday, March 29, 2013

The poor spend all the money. Isn’t it obvious?

It’s a tricky argument to pull off – the poor caused the debt so they should pay it back

Great article by Mark Steel. I can confirm that every word Mark Steel writes is accurate and the result of finely tuned research:

Being homeless and destitute and on Jobseeker's allowance of £71.00 a week rising to £71.70 a week in April but having received no money, not a penny, of Jobseeker's allowance for six weeks since I signed on on the wrong day by mistake when I had 'flu in January and the 'Decision Makers' did not agree that my reason for getting the day wrong was because I was ill, with a sick note from my Doctor and assessed that I should be 'Sanctioned' four weeks' money and Housing Benefit (I do not get HB as I am homeless).

My 'Sanction' was imposed without warning, retrospectively, without any reason given in writing. I discover from researching this that I have not met my responsibilities as detailed in my Jobseeker's agreement.

I delivered one 'Letter of Reconsideration' and am writing a complaint. It is not possible to address or write to the 'Decision Makers' as they are not named and no one knows where they live or err, work. There are no guidelines for how to structure your LoR or for making a complain; just 'If you feel we have made a mistake please tell us why'.

Here is a letter from DWP which I was given as I handed in my Letter of Reconsideration:

Page 1:

Page 2:

It is dated October 2012. It was given in March 2013

If DWP were an employer they would now be facing a hearing at an Employment Tribunal on grounds of wrongfully witholding remuneration; they would lose and, even if they pleaded no defence against their indefensible actions, would lose and be fined a minimum of £2,000.

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