Friday, December 28, 2012

What's Salt Beef??

It's a joint of brisket soaked in brine and herbs for several days, I think up to two weeks. It's squashed under a weight to keep it submerged which flattens the joint. The meat is turned over several times across the time it's curing in the days. Then it's boiled / simmered slowly for four hours or so.

When it's ready and drained off the meat is very tender, salty but not overwhelmingly, and melts in the mouth. It's pretty damned delicious with English mustard particularly and gherkins or other pickles. Make great thick sandwiches and is brilliant with Bagels. It can be served hot or cold and when further taken down the line and dried out a bit with further spices it makes Pastrami. It's gold dust when it's done well.

Hensons make great Salt Beef even though they are the biggest producers in Europe (I think they are anyway).

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