Friday, December 14, 2012

If it were called the Pubco Exec's Morning Advertiser we wouldn't get so pissed off.

Strong feelings were raised among the thirty or so tied publicans who came to the meeting from all over the country when some of them visited your website ('the Publican's Morning Advertiser') the next day to see ... NOTHING reported about this important meeting.

And when they posted to the effect: 'why are you, PMA, not reporting this meeting?' Mike Berry removed their posts on grounds they were hijacking threads on different subjects. Difficult to see where anyone could post about this meeting on a related thread when there was no coverage about it.

These hard working tied publicans wanted to know how the meeting would be reported,  given the hard line MP's and Lords took toward the BBPA and pubco representatives, and the predictably poor, and utterly inadequate responses, when being questioned.

All these publicans wanted was to see what your editorial take would be on Enterprise Inn's top dog Townsend's whimpered response: 'it's just not fair' to allegations of poor practice by Pubs' Advisory Service rep Chris Wright and the sound verbal slapping he was given by Brian Binley; and to Brigid Simmond's shrilly defensive raised-voice reaction to Greg Mullholland's demands that she should give a date when the Nth draft code of practice might, eventually if ever at all, be put into some form of practice.

Brigid's indignantly raised voice sounded so much like she was going to spit the dummy she actually woke me up from the catatonic slumber that she and Townsend's usual lame excuses to every question thrown at them had induced.  Once more, for the tenth time in eight years, nothing has changed since last time they were hauled in front of MP's, and so it will go on and on and on.

It took several tied lessees' pushing to get THE PUBLICAN'S Morning Advertiser to publish, and then it was a week later than it should have been.

If it were called the Pubco Exec's Morning Advertiser we wouldn't get so pissed off.

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