Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Trade bodies meet with Government over pubco-tenant self regulation deal

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Article in PMA

Trade bodies met with officials at the Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) department last week to discuss the progress of the self-regulation pubco-tenant deal.

Yawn. Someone ought to set up a Wind Farm to harness all that hot air.

'Trade bodies' met with 'officials at BIS' to discuss 'progress over pubco-tenant self regulation deal'.

What really has happened? What - in fact - in measurable terms of practice, action, behaviour, implementation on the ground, have the pubco's actually done in response to successive recommendations, requests, demands and threats of legislation by Select Committees 2004/2008/10/11 etc etc etc (i.e. Government) to address their manifest multiple and repeatedly identified, undisputed abuses of the pubco-tenant relationship?


This basic fact has been staring Vince Cable and all his predecessors in the face: It's blatantly clear that the BBPA and their pubco and tied estate family brewer paymasters have no intention whatsoever of paying heed to any requests from outside their Fiefdom to change in any material way whatsoever. 

The 'Trade Bodies' don't even bother to brush the thick dust off their pat responses: 'we continue to work towards'; 'still a work in progress'; 'we're ready to set up the advisory service' ... they've been trotting this nonsense out for a decade.  It was 'Last Chance Saloon' for them years ago. It's been a farce for too long. Government responses look ridiculous because they ARE ridiculous. It is completely unacceptable but we all know that NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE.

Pubco's have repeatedly, blatantly missed deadline after deadline and ignored Select Committee recommendations and (woefully inadequate) Government responses,  deliberately and wilfully. And it goes on. Big business in the driving seat as British Pubco's continue to strip mine Britain's Heritage, Tradition and Cultural Assets with impunity.

The tied pub sector has not moved on one jot - in just short of a decade of being hauled in front of government to account for appalling mis-management of the substantial part of the entire British pub sector.

There was no quote from IPC. Where are the real objective untainted or disinfected of pubco influence 'anti tie' bodies in this 'consultation'? Where is the Federation of Small Business here? Where is Fair pint? Where is GMV?

The answer is they are not part of the 'consultation'.

It's a fit up. 

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