I've just got an email saying that I'm one of the 51 winners of Tiger Camera competition - run by Tiger, the Danish thingummy trinket shop. The prize is getting my photo printed in their Tiger Photo book which will be distributed throughout Europe and, I think, there's a travelling exhibition as well.

Seem to recall they had 2,900 entrants. I'm quite pleased really. I suppose I'll buy the book. Well. Of course I WILL buy the book. I'll start saving my Jobseeker's allowance, the one that I've been cut off from, right away.

The book is being printed at this very moment apparently, and my photograph “Running Girl, Red-hot Pokers and Cone” is on page 50.

5000 brand new copies will soon be on their way to every European Tiger store and they will be on sale from Monday the 17th September 2012. Tiger can hardly wait to hold the freshly printed book in our hands, and you probably feel the same way, but until then you can find my name on the wall of honour on tigercamera.com/winners. Have a look!