Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Move Over Apple. Welcome Android.


  1. Hmmm, resolution is crap, must try and do something about that.

    It's thundering again - another cold and wet July day.

  2. htc One V

    I've had that Android just over a month now. The Hives are dying away but it's still a twat of a phone.

    Keeps freezing. NOT like the reviews said it was.

    Is intermittently totally unresponsive - like the htc help line is. It makes me yearn for an iPhone and I hated that too. I hate that.

  3. Now tied onto a Samsung galaxy S4////

    There IS evolution. But at what cost to the consumer?

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  5. Now it's almost two years later. After early issues initially denied as issues by Vodafone but eventually resolved by a replacement phone the S4 is a workhorse.