Sunday, June 17, 2012

Make it A Success

Marston’s is a name synonymous with quality and success! Whether it’s for our outstanding range of cask ales or the fantastic options presented by the 2150 pubs we operate throughout England and Wales, we have a great pedigree and a reputation that’s second to none.

With an impressive record of growth – that’s set to continue across our managed, retail and tenanted estates – we have an ambitious development programme in place which is set to create 1,000 jobs in 2012 alone. It’s big news for us and it could be big news for you too – whatever your background or experience and whether you’re looking to manage or lease your own pub.

Tenanted Estate

Pub Landlords/Licensees

If you’re running or want to run your own pub then it’s time to make the most of it with Marston’s! Let’s face it, you already know the licensed trade inside out, but now’s the time to invest in a better future. Widely regarded as having one of the best quality leased and tenanted estates in the business, we know what our tenants want and need – and have a range of packages available, specifically designed to make sure you succeed. So if you want to run your own business and be in complete control, now’s the time to make it happen – with Marston’s!


I know two Marston's Pubs in Northumberland - The Black Swan in Belford and The Percy Arms in Chatton. Both USED to be good, very busy, free houses with accommodation and great reputations for being, well, everything a good public house should be. YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED DON'T YOU.


When the owners wanted to leave the pub business - after decades of running great local businesses that served the immediate community and far further afield as good destination pubs - retirement beckoned, whatever - they put their business and freeholds up for sale and they were bought by pubco's. Jenning's initially, then Marston's bought Jennings.

They are both on their ARSE now, one having been boarded up at least once, the other just shut for a while, The Black Swan had eleven Tied FRI lessees in as many years (some lasted a couple of years mind so probably Marston's can regard them as wildly successful) and The Percy Arms had a family running it for a long time who then sold it to a small, expanding pub group who, I presume lost their shirt on it (they did do very good food while they were there but the place needed a hundred grand spending on it).

Now both pubs are open, trading under Holding Companies.

Marston's. Bunch of useless misrepresenting, creativity and talentless incompetents.

The sucess of these pubco's and 'family brewers' is based purely on exploiting other people's talents and by luck, averages and by economy of scale. They couldn't. actually, run a pissup in a brewery even if they were being hosed down with the best ale available.

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