Monday, June 25, 2012


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This kind of thinking is ensuring that society’s beginning to crawl back into the dark ages. It’s pretty useless to say ‘it’s not fair’ to tax rich people more than millions of ordinary workers whose earnings are so low they can barely afford to pay rent or buy food

People being paid enough to be taxed 45% are already earning more than most people can imagine living on anyway.

Everyone needs to contribute what is affordable – so we can operate society. You know, with buses, trains, schools, hospitals, police, fire stations, ambulances. Most of it’s being sold off by shallow thinkers who believe all businesses would be more efficient if they were privately owned – while the only real evidence suggests that breaking it all up just makes more people richer while making no impact at all in improving services overall.

The advocates do tend of course to be people aren’t affected by poor services because they’re already cocooned in the private sector, so wealthy they wouldn’t dream of dipping into ordinary life and rubbing shoulders with regular people – just because it’s the way it is. They still seem mostly to manage to regard themselves as normal though. Give them six months of the stupid hoops people have to go through on income support and they’d either starve or work up the black economy. No doubt the experience would make them form up their resolve to reduce taxes for the rich, weaken workers’ rights, reduce regulation for business in order to make society a ‘fairer place for all’. What happened to Thatcher’s ‘trickle down’ economics? Just made a lot of people very rich and millions more much less well off.

Too many of the rich and super rich avoid tax no matter how it’s levied on them. Offshore, hidden income, avoidance schemes, pure black market action – many of them regard themselves as being simply far too important to pay taxes which go to benefit the scum they spend their lives floating above…

While the poor pay disproportionate amounts of tax on pretty much everything they spend their money on and are accused of being scroungers by the super rich.

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