Wednesday, May 09, 2012

You Couldn't Make It UP!

Diageo and BII get enough eggs on face to make a giant omelet

Pete Brown's Beer Blog

Brewdog's Take on the Affair

Priceless stuff from the depths of the BII's slow trainwreck to oblivion. An organisation in shambles, perhaps this is the nadir that BII's 'administration' needs to reach to shake it awake.

As for Brewdog, it's difficult to imagine anything more excellent happening to raise their already rocketing profile. Brewdog deserve to benefit from all that fantastic free publicity and the many more opportunities that are about to open up as the affair rolls out.

Difficult to believe, however, that anyone at Diageo board level could possibly be so crass as to be involved in this except at damage limitation level.

Diageo are proud to be good guys

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