Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Why are the failings of capitalism only being exposed by the right?

Comment I posted on article in The Oberver by Julian Coman on 21 August 2011. Link below:

Why are the failings of capitalism only being exposed by the right?

This much is clear: A paradigm shift has to happen in the way business is done, no matter how you look at it the norm across unchecked capitalism produces completely unsustainable outcomes for business, and for people on the planet.

Growth is Capitalism's God and quite simply it is killing us. We must change the way we look at business altogether and put in place radical but achievable methods of operation which serve the majority well and lead to zero growth genuine sustainability. This challenge to business, to capitalism, IS achievable. The research, the capabilities, the theory and the practice for creating a paradigm shift in the way business carries out its activities has been thoroughly worked on seriously for decades since the 1950's.

With rapid advances in the development and manufacture of low carbon consumption technologies, renewable source energy supply, improving understanding of biodiversity and the value that observation of and mimicry of natural systems brings to engineering and design, in systems from crop production to consumption dispersal and distribution of global resources, ever improving understanding of the psychology of communities and the emergence of civil societies are coming together in multidisciplinary ways that can change the world for the benefit of all. We need examples of this work coming together in practice to prove that we don't need to consume the way the Industrialised nations have learned to do, that these addictions can be broken and there is a better way that does not accommodate the increasing accumulation of wealth among an ever decreasing proportion of the population.

Off the cuff, I hope that makes sense.

The People's Pub Partnership is a radical new pub company setting out to achieve exactly this.
If you're interested in helping make a radical change to the way business is done, look out for PPP it's on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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