Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pubcos warned by secretary of state Pickles to get house in order over tenant relationships

From Morning Advertiser

Mr Pickles is talking, and I checked the French thesaurus reference for this point, beaucoups des testicules grands ...

'I can see there has been a lot of improvements already' Mr Pickles; these are not a class of infants struggling to grasp how to hold cutlery properly. These are hard nosed conniving businessmen (any one notice how sparse women are on the ground at pubco's UK HQ?) who have consistently, repeatedly slimed; squirmed; told porkies; obfuscated; avoided direct answers in questioning and totally and comprehensively ignored ALL recommendations by Select Committees over decades in their systemic dismantling of the nation's pub estate.

While you are wagging your finger Mr Pickles, these cowboys are shredding our heritage, tossing tradition into the dustbin of history and destroying our very cultural foundations.

All you will get back from this shower of smug shamefaced scammers, Mr Pickles, will be two fingers from the Family Brewers and a single stinky digit from the big pubcos as another thousand pubs are written into the annals of British history.

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