Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Guild of Master Victuallers renews calls for FLVA to join its ranks

Bill Sharp is right that FLVA and GoMV should come together but it needs to go far beyond that.

The ever increasing Hegemony over the pub industry in the last twenty five of the Tied Pubco's working in concert to asset strip the nation's pub heritage has destroyed all vestiges of coherence the industry had prior to the beer orders - to the extent that all the significant and influential concentrations of intellectual independence and integrity that represented the shop floor of the trade have long been compromised beyond recognition.

GoMV is the only active body directly involving licensees that can still be considered separate and impartial from the Hegemony but has nowhere near the clout that is needed to correct the massive power imbalance that lies between pubcos and lessees which has brought the entire pub industry to its knees -

The ideal would be for BII, Federation of Small Businesses, GoMV, FLVA to come together with some input from FLVA and CAMRA, with interested parties such as APSTPG and APPG tagging along as scrutineers, to set up a joint committee of representation that drew upon resources of them all while establishing a strong membership fee base among licensees.

It's not going to happen though. It's not in the interests of any pubco for anything like an independent licensee representative body to come together. It's no coincidence that BII is so weak that it's on the way to the knackers' yard with blinkers on or that FLVA dependent on the pubco shilling for survival. It keeps the people who run the pub sector - the Publicans - where the pubco's want them. Down and out and in the gutter while they continue to be mugged by the suit wearing private equity driven pubco employee muggers.

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