Sunday, May 27, 2012

$1 Plus

$1 Plus

Of course over here 'WE' live in a monarchist state that promotes itself as being the mother of democracies while, actually, being a rather badly operated banana capitalist backwater... where the poor, the majority, can get all their daily needs, from milk and bread, cereals and eggs to margarine, duct tape and gardening tools PLUS a fix of material satisfaction, at the 99p store while being told the national 'average' income is twice what they earn as the already very wealthy become more rich while hand wringing this year whether to invest their easily won dosh in a yacht with a mooring or in a swimming pool at their third home: "Which represents better value for us as a family right now? The kids aren't really old enough to appreciate the boat and we'd all have to learn how to sail, and the pool's only going to be used for a week a year. Oh dear, if ONLY we could afford BOTH ... LIFE'S JUST NOT FAIR''.

I Got Cash

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