Friday, April 27, 2012

We spent life savings on the Leather Bottle... only to be evicted

We spent life savings on the Leather Bottle... only to be evicted

This is what's happening all over the UK - Pubs are failing everywhere and it's because of short term, private equity driven property freeholders like Punch taking too much profit out of their pubs to pay down debts and to give their boards of directors pay packets they should be ashamed of.

Pub businesses are churning everywhere. One lessee goes out of business having spent their life savings on the building; another lessee comes along; spends THEIR life savings ... and goes out of business. And so it goes on.

Pubcos are landbanking on a massive scale while getting other people to cover the running costs of their estates at the same time. Proof of this is pubs being boarded up all over Britain. it's the end game of the pub industry, so visible it's impossible not to notice. It's a social and cultural tragedy of unprecedented national proportions, posing a serious threat to the heritage and traditional identity of Britain's Sense of Place.

The People's Pub Partnership is being set up to tackle this situation. With the support of CAMRA and others, soon you will be able to buy into your nation's pubs with the John Lewis of pub companies; PPP the crowd funded pub company.

Go to: www dot peoplespubpartnership dot org for more information


  1. Hi
    we are in a similar situation in that we are negotiating coming out of our pub tenancy hopefully as honestly as we can.
    The pub co has accepted our notice but only if they can find someone to take over. That is when they advertise it which they haven't yet.
    we can only hang on financially for a couple of weeks and then we're done.
    We will have to walk away and wait and see what happens. anyone any clues lol

    1. In all seriousness you MUST call Chris Wright at TwinPier. He's a good friend and will be able to offer advice. His number is 07502 214 457.