Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Exclusive: Beleaguered BII appoints Peter Thomas as chief executive for make or break year

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Although Entirely Predictable (and it was predicted accurately by many people, most notable among them Nigel Wakefield) this is a tragedy for the whole pub sector that's been unfurling for more than a decade.

It's a symptom of the deep disease there is in the pub sector whose rotting core in the tied pubcos has spread its pernicious malaise through every limb and last sinew of the body of the pub industry.

Thanks to the successive governments who, from creating this fertile ground for infection to keeping it going, most recently with Ed Davey, Norman Lamb and the faceless mandarins above them. Let's not forget the important part the invisible and blind pen pushers at FOT have paid, and all those who've worked so hard to keep the charade going; especially worthy of merit should be Bridget Simmonds and her predecessors at the BBPA. Their culpability should be recognised and applauded - it was they who stitched the emperor's new clothes after all.

Mustn't forget generations of PMA's journalists for their tireless, thankless and ceaseless task of investigating and exposing the darkest nooks and crannies of the most low down and dirty industry left in the British Isles.

Apologies to the pubco apologists missed out here, important things beckon - like signing on at Lewisham Jobcentre in an hour.

Little point in hoping this will be a wake up call to the zombies in charge - they've been shaken up a thousand times before to no avail.

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