Friday, March 16, 2012

Camberwell Online Blog:

@Gavin and all:

Some well structured involvement in local affairs by people who think clearly and have a broad vision would make democracy work and create a better environment for everyone.

It would also create effective local change quickly along with massive savings, make local communities work better alongside and around each other and bring Camberwell to life.

Instead: Look forward to more of the same, traditional Camberwell nonsense: obligatory left turns, no go zones for shoppers in cars, residents unable to park in their own streets, more pawn brokers, licensed gambling and betting shops, nail bars, takeaways (chicken; not necessarily halal) Yam and Battery shops, increased housing densities with fewer and more and more stretched local amenities, cloth ears and dimmed eyes of the local authority, impossible routes to isolated parking facilities, closed shops and filthy broken pavements.

Oh but don’t worry. Camberwell has been sidestepped for Peckham in not getting the Mary Portas fund, a neighbourhood enhancing shot-in-the-arm Eighty Grand, while the local Olympics Legacy Fund is going to transform Church Street Living Realm in the form of a massive £50K to splurge around bringing sunshine and cheer all around. OR: not enough to pay for the Health & Safety Impact Assessment needed to take a railing out of a pavement.

Hooray! 2012 the International Year of the Cooperative

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