Thursday, February 02, 2012

BIS 'taking the biscuit' with new PICAS chairman

The charade as it unfurls has been utterly predictable from the moment the stitch up that BBPA sewed with BIS became evident when Ed Davey spilled his department's nonsensical - Banana Republic like - response to its own damning findings that came from looking into the mess that is the British tied pub sector.

Stitch up. Con. Backhander. Old Boys' Network. School Tie. Bullies in the Playground. Cosy Capitalism. Banana Republic. Toy Dictator State. Cartel. Back Yard Double Dealing.

The above posted three times by mistake

Wow! How did that happen? A mistaken 'enter' while the page uploaded. Kind of thing that leads to a trebling of a rent bid without anyone noticing; as published in the new PICAS guidelines no doubt.

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