Thursday, January 26, 2012

Enterprise defends tenants’ treatment

What a FARCE. Wake up you dozy gits! This industry is a farcical anachronistic backwater of poor business practice and dodgy dealing, at every level. It has infected every last nook and cranny of the United Kingdom.

Enterprise CANNOT defend the indefensible. Ted Tuppen and Simon Townsend are at the top of this behaviour and there is no way on earth they don't know about it happening - right under their feet at every level of operation. It is the same at S&NPC and the the other pubcos who cynically abuse the tie as a matter of rote...

Quite simply there is systemic abuse woven into the fabric of the actions of pubcos and Enterprise just sit at the top of the pile of bad behaviour. It's a fundamental part of the modus operandi and is taught at BDM finishing school that started at Grand Met in the 1970's and 1980's. It's common knowledge and is not discussed because it's just too shocking to admit as acceptable practice in contemporary business. It's like the institutional racism recorded in the police service but no onw has ever funded research into the subject here because, as the OFT says, it's a matter of contract between private individuals. After that it's quashed right from the top because rigorous external investigation of this joke of an industry would undoubtedly result in prosecutions of Directors and Jail sentences.

Besides tenants are bullied into keeping schtum. Their lives are on the line. It's endemic in the tied pub industry - everyone knows it - and everyone is too scared to look it in the face because one way or another everyone who's a part of it is ashamed of it and most are involved in some form of direct ILLEGAL activity because it's the only way you can survive in a tied pub.

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