Thursday, January 05, 2012

A Christmas Wish: Camberwell Online

Yes. Happy New Year Gabe.

Have to say: Ire is not far away for me …

Southwark has sold out Camberwell YET AGAIN. More behind closed doors plans plots passing of property around WITHOUT CONSULTATION, no doubt our leaders will say “people in Camberwell say they have been consulted to death, what they want is action” … WELL, we’re giving them some action now and there’s no need to consult now BECAUSE WE KNOW WHAT THEY WANT”

What’s happening to the Town Hall?

What’s happening to ALL THE SECTION 106 money that’s coming in to Southwark in the back of all the developments happening in Camberwell / SE5. What happened to the COMMUNITY USE in the planning brief for the building on the site of Age Concern on Coldharbour Lane?

When are Trading Standards going to get on the case with the Redeemed Christian Church of God who are advertising: “A CHURCH WHERE DIVINE INTERVENTION IS A COMMON OCCURRENCE” right here in sleepy old SE5.

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